Surrounding Attractions

  • Taoyuan City About 2.7kmHutoushan

    Hutoushan is located at the northeast of Taoyuan district. With the height of 251 meters, it is the highest point of Taoyuan district. Standing at the peak of Hutoushan, the ships and straits of Taiwan can be clearly seen. It is also the natural barrier of Taoyuan district resisting the northeast monsoon. And because of the shape of the mountain looks like a tiger, it is also called “The Tiger Mountain”. In autumn, the grass awn on the mountain will all turn yellow. The beautiful scenery of the grass awns has become one of the best hiking spots for Taoyuan citizens. Hutoushan Archway at the Chenggong Road is the main entrance for hikers.
  • Taoyuan City About 2.3kmOwl Forest Classroom and Walkways (Olson Lin Xuetang)

    In September, 2012, Taoyuan city government has renovated the Hutoushan Park into the children’s favorite castle playground. Apart from the slides and other facilities, with the principle of not destroying the trees and the landscape, wooden walkways that link up different cute tree houses in it are also put up between the trees, and with different owl decorations, it is named Owl Forest Classroom (Olson Lin Xuetang). Not only it has made the walkways more fun, it is also loved by the children. After searching the Owl Forest Classroom and different facilities, children can keep on going to the forest walkways which is really suitable for parents and children.