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Official Website of EHOME Hotel is Newly Opened

Looking at how the Taiwan tourism industry has changed rapidly, it does make the hotel industry become more and more competitive in the past two years. We would need to always keep up with the market conditions, in order to stand out and break through among the competitive industry. EHOME Hotel is not fear of the dynamic of the market, […]

EHOME HOTEL Facebook Page is Now Opened!

Keeping up with the time, eHOME Hotel’s facebook page has been opened since 16/7/2017! Please like and follow us for more discount and good stuff!  

Special Offer for September

With the idea of take and give from the society, give back to the weak, hoping to see a loving society, since 2017/09/01~12/30, we provide more than 120 rooms (Quad(2 Double Beds), one for free everyday) for the reservation of all the vulnerable groups in Taiwan(with the certified documents of vulnerable organizations). We hope these families can also travel carefree, […]

About eHOME hotel


Facilieties & Restaurant



Opening hours:06:30-09:30am

Different dishes that are delicately cooked, in order to serve you with different delicacy.



With personal computer, newspaper and magazines, and business service like copying and fax and express delivery, in order to satisfy business travelers’ needs.

Laundry room

Location: 5/F

To provide business or tourist travelers with warm and comfortable living environment, making every traveler to feel like home.



The lobby uses bright and neat design, to bring you with cosy feeling.

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